Journey to the Land of Nosin

I looked about, up high and low
and right and left, the way to go
was hard to see,
but still I know
I’m chosen

To tread the path—and then I saw
what narrow pass wove through the wall
of leek deceit,
the bondage draw
of Goshen.

Without a Guide I’d surely slide,
but in His hand I safely ride.
Proclaiming grace,
He sets my stride
in motion.

I cried without and cried within
to call about my cherished kin,
“We’re going out
and coming in
to Nosin!”

And on the way we’ll grow to see
the pearls and gems that there will be
prepared for us
in full decree
of doctrine.

The victory will be complete
to end the height of all conceit,
her walls will crash
and so defeat
the heathen,

As Pharaoh’s band was buried and
his heart of rock sunk down to sand
beneath the waves,
our flesh is planned
to go in.

And then we’ll be forever free!
No tempter’s snare enticed will we
desire to yield
for there we’ll see
through no sin.

Oh what a land, where night is banned
and streets of gold are where we’ll stand.
We’ll sing for joy
more than we can

Where every eye is swaddled dry,
where beasts and birds and men dwell nigh,
where every word
in loving sigh
is spoken.

So let us go and join in hand,
our Guide will make us understand
our journey to
the promise land
of Nosin.