Leaving Christ Out of Christmas

Here I am, sitting in the living room of my house, on Thanksgiving Day. My appetite has just been satisfied with plenty of turkey and stuffing and the rest of the Thanksgiving Day dinner. The radio is on, the table is cleared, dishes washed; a perfect time for a snooze.

Almost nodding off, my ears picked up “Jingle Bells” from the radio. Jingle Bells? On Thanksgiving Day? The aroma of turkey was still in the air and the radio stations are playing Christmas songs already?

Yes, once again, we hit that special time of the year where the kids write out their Christmas lists for Santa Claus and bring them to jolly St. Nick when he shows up at the local mall. Those same malls are filled with frantic shoppers looking for that elusive Christmas bargain. On the weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas the streets are filled with these money-spending gift-givers.

Back at home, everybody is decorating the house for the Christmas season. Inside, the annual decorating of the Christmas tree is taking place. The ritual started with a trip out to the local nursery to find the “perfect” tree for the living room. Once it gets home, out come the ribbons and streamers to adorn the tree. The presents are then placed underneath it. On the outside of the house Christmas lights are draped on the bushes and outline the frame of the house. Many neighborhoods are famous for their light displays.

If you are a child with a television at home, this time of the year is filled with exciting Christmas specials on television. Such classics like “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “Frosty the Snowman,” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” fill the airwaves. Oh, I almost forgot one more of my favorites, “The Night the Grinch Stole Christmas.” If you are a grown-up, this is a time of year filled with Christmas parties. You and your friends go out and sing Christmas carols until the wintery cold sets in. Others get involved in the Toys-for-Tots program to see that the needy children are not left with an empty Christmas.

Before you know it, it’s Christmas Eve. The children scramble to get their Christmas stockings up by the fireplace for Santa Claus to fill with goodies. The last remaining presents are wrapped and placed with the others underneath the Christmas tree.

Finally, Christmas morning arrives. The family arises from its slumber and the kids rush over to the tree to unwrap their treasures. Junior gets a new basketball, a GI Joe space station, and a BMX bike. The girl receives a new Barbie doll, a new dress, among other things. Grandpa and Grandma come over for the huge Christmas dinner. The day is filled with Christmas spirit.

However, before you know it, Christmas has passed and gone for another year. We look back on it with fond memories of all the joyous occasions that went on during the holiday season. It almost makes you want to wish that the Christmas spirit would last all year long.

I almost forgot something. Christmas is also the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.