Let God Do It

Lots of the articles in this issue complain about the spiritual indifference (otherwise known as apathy) found among “our” young people. I somehow feel it’s the wrong approach in tackling this problem, because if a person isn’t interested in the first place, he won’t even notice a new BEACON LIGHTS, must less even sit down to read it, or write in a comment. (I know mail rates are going up, but you aren’t all that “dutch” are you?)

I know how the story goes. You don’t like to be told what you have to be interested in, and you don’t want to be told that this, or that, is what you personally, (not you as a member of some church) believe. You want to be independent, don’t you, because you know that you won’t be saved just because you’re P.R.

Well, why don’t you yourself go on a search for the truth? Simply take yourself, and the Word of God. Let Him tell you what life is all about; devour (consume ravenously) the first epistle of St. John. It’s got a lot to do with brotherly love, too. You’ll find the same kind of love in second John, first Corinthians 13, Matthew 5, and a lot more places, if only you look for them.

Want to know why all the ugly news in happening? Read from James 3:16 through to the end of chapter 4.

You can really find a lot of interesting things in the Bible, if you just look. The thing is, these interesting things and thoughts aren’t just going to pop into your head if you just move your eyes over the print. Open your mind to what the Creator has to say. It won’t be just another preacher telling you what to do. But it’s God, Who made you the person you are. And when He loves you, and you know it, and you love Him too, and you feel so happy, and you’d do anything for Him, IT’S BEAUTIFUL! Sounds like a love story, doesn’t it? Well, it is. It’s God’s love story. And He even loved us before we knew anything about Him, and He loved us so much that He didn’t want us to die, so He died instead, and gave us a future so fantastic that we can’t even imagine it (much less, earn it).

God gave us His word in so many ways. He sent the Word made flesh to save us. He raised Him as a pledge of our resurrection, and He gave us His written Word to give us that most-welcome reassurance. But if you don’t read His Word, you don’t get that comfort. Can you even really appreciate all that He’s done for us?

Everybody’s looking for happiness, and for peace. I’m not going to tell you where to get that peace, I’ll let God do that. Look up John 14:27

Originally Published in:

Vol. 31 No. 5 August/September 1971