Letter to the Editor

The following note is a response to a recent answer by Schuyler to a question regarding suicide. Beacon Lights thanks Angie for her comments, and in accordance with her wishes, publicly thanks Schuyler (whose identity remains a mystery).


I am not sure who writes in the Questions for Schuyler, but I have to say thanks for touching on such a touchy subject in Beacon Lights. Whoever wrote the response to the question handled it with compassion, but also with their belief of what the scripture tells us. I appreciate the fact that it was handled in both ways. So many times the subject of suicide is cut and dried with people—as is depression—it is a sin and that’s it. Christ had compassion on us as sinners. The sin of depression or suicide is no greater than when we break any of the other ten commandments. Please thank whoever wrote the response for me.

—Angie De Vries