Psalm Singing

6th August, 1969
Dear Mr. Reitsma,
For several years now I have been receiving appreciatively Beacon Lights. I was interested to read of the proposal to introduce hymns in addition to the psalms. I would like to know how this question was resolved.
The Free Church of Scotland, to which I belong, is characterized by strict adherence to the Westminster Confession of Faith and maintenance of the traditional form of Scottish Presbyterian worship and congregation standing for prayer and sitting for praise.
The Scots Metrical Psalter 1650 and the Gaelic Metrical Psalter 1690-1783 are exclusively used for praise. Services are in either the English or the Gaelic languages.
Among the Presbyterian Churches of Scotland and here in Australia the denominations which have abandoned the exclusive use of the psalms have also eventually departed from Reformed doctrine: hence my present enquiry.
Yours sincerely,
Mr. J. Locker Clugston
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Originally Published in:
Vol. 29 No. 7 November 1969