Life with God

This month’s edition of Beacon Lights is our final issue for 2022. As the title indicates, our final topic for this year is the doctrine of the covenant, which can be summarized very simply as “life with God.” We thought it would be fitting to close out the year by focusing on the covenant for a couple of reasons. First among these is the central importance of the covenant in the life of every believing child of God, including young people. If God is first in your life, nothing will be more important than your friendship with him and the fellowship you experience through studying his word, prayer, and worshiping in his house. Christian life is covenant life! 

Another key reason for focusing on the covenant this month is the fact that God’s dwelling with sinners like you and me is only possible because of his Son—our Lord Jesus Christ. During this season of the year we celebrate the coming of our Lord in the form of a man who would be the mediator of the covenant through his atoning death. If we can put aside all of the extra baggage that is attached to the Christmas season in our culture, we will see that the covenant of God lies at the heart of what we celebrate this time of year. That wonder is described in the name Immanuel—God with us!  

Much of the content in this issue is focused on helping readers understand and apply covenant theology in their lives. The editorial serves as an introduction to this topic and will set the stage for each of the feature articles and devotional that touch on various aspects of the covenant. Alongside these specifically focused articles are a seasonal poem contribution and our regular rubrics. We take this opportunity to give a special thanks to the authors of these sections, who commit to writing an entire year’s worth of material for Beacon Lights. Their efforts are very much appreciated! If you get a chance to thank them for their work, please do so. 

The last item for comment here can be found on the inside of the back cover, which contains the schedule of topics for 2023. We wanted to publish this ahead of time to allow potential writers some time to consider contributing in the upcoming year. If you see a topic and would like to submit an article or other special contribution, please reach out to Aaron Van Dyke or Josh Harris to offer your services. Their contact information can be found inside the front cover. We look forward to increasing participation and new authors in the coming year. Thank you for subscribing and may God bless you in this holiday season!