Looking Forward

On the outside, New Year’s Day is just like any other day. Why then do we celebrate it? For many, it is just an excuse for a day off work, and for the majority of the world around us, New Year’s is an excuse to party and drink excessively, but for others like us, it has spiritual meaning. As Christians, we are able to look forward to the new year without dread, and even look forward to the new year with longing for the day that we know shall soon come.

We realize that the new year is especially symbolic because it brings us one year closer to the day that Christ will return. Every year that passes by is celebrated for this reason. The time of Christ’s return is close at hand, and with each passing year, we rejoice that our suffering is almost over.

What I find utterly captivating about the holiday is that the world around us celebrates the coming of a new year. Why? Because in essence, they are celebrating the nearing of their own destruction. They live their lives in complete denial that God will someday return to judge. They deny the fact that God created and sustains the world and that everything that happens was predetermined by him. They even deny that God even exists. We often think to ourselves, “how can they deny that when it is so blatantly obvious?” The answer is that they have not been given the gift of faith, and they are blind to the things that we see very clearly. They belong to the devil, and as such, the Lord God is their worst enemy. They will do anything to bring him down.

But while they drink and party their lives away, our Lord is watching and waiting. When his cup of wrath is full, He will return. Oh, the terror that will result! The wicked will weep in despair and flee from their greatest enemy. But we, as Christians, have no reason to fear.

We have so much to be thankful for, that we have been chosen as God’s people. Because we have been chosen and our sins have been forgiven, we can only look forward to the coming days and years. When we keep this in mind, we will have real joy in celebrating the new year. Rejoice ye saints, for the coming of the Lord is near!