Man’s Fight Against Life — Abortion

As the hour hand on the clock of history advances to a new and untouched hour, there can suddenly be heard a loud tolling clang which rings in our ears and arouses us with terror. We suddenly see people letting go the arrows of destruction and death. These terrible arrows find as their target the lives of unborn children, and the unforgivable crime of taking life is now legalized for all those who desire an abortion. This is in­deed an abrupt awakening, and an upset­ting, cruel, and totally unjustifiable legaliza­tion. Screening finally several more recent historical events, we cannot help but boldly ask what man shall aim to destroy next to make for himself a more comfortable and convenient life. Certainly, God did not create man to give and take that which He alone controls — life.

It is unbelievable how a bill could be passed which allows the beginning of a human life to be taken from it and de­stroyed while the unborn helplessly can offer not one word of defense or protest. To me, this so very openly reveals the power, pity, and sinfulness of pure selfishness. This is selfishness that would rather allow a human being to be murdered than to try accepting that which is unwanted or which perhaps would upset their planned schedule of living. It is pathetic the way in which our nation encourages self-centeredness. Rather than abort unwanted children, we should counsel those who carry an un­wanted child to help them develop a sense of concern for human life — unfinished and underdeveloped though it may be. For even if a child may be unwanted by his mother there are many couples who are waiting for that unloved child. There is an endless amount of people who would love and care for a child, but are unable to have one of their own. The list is longer than my eyes can see of people patiently standing in a line who long desperately for the richness of a child. Even more sad is the crying fact that many have already waited for years and yet they walk away in hope even though empty armed. Yes, this is sad but yet the thought alone of a child is too pre­cious to be torn away. Everyday more of these kinds of people join the line and wait. To me there is no possible explanation for legally killing unwanted babies when actually these children are wanted and loved even before birth! I do not understand then how abortion can even be considered as an alternative.

Considering also the convenience of being able to have an abortion performed right in one’s locality is a factor which will in­crease pre-natal murder. Before a woman had to either fly to New York or elsewhere to have a “safe” and legal abortion. This financially limited abortions and many either kept the child or gave it up to adoption centers. History is telling a mighty sad story when we set up abortion clinics and perform many daily murders just as another new job in our cities. This too offers many upsetting thoughts to those who are aware of the horror of those people who have accepted or will accept murder as their occupation! On what basis can we legalize abortions now when before we claimed that pre- and post-natal murder was legally a crime? It is very confusing how and why that which was wrong now becomes right. It seems rather ironical that a country which establishes her government for the protection of life, in return greets as justifiable and legal the most un­justified murder one can dream of.

Stepping back into time and taking just a simple glance one is confused even more. In months previous to the election a great deal of time was spent in committee work, speeches, films, and advertising by both those who were in favor of and opposed to the abortion bill. Not only was there a great deal of time involved, but also there was a large expense involved. Many hours were spent as thousands of citizens through­out the state stood out the long wait in lines to vote on the issue. When we add up the amount of votes and the time it re­quires just to do the voting alone, the amount of time grows rapidly. Then all of this valuable time and money is promptly wasted when in weeks to follow the major­ity vote is overridden and the Supreme Court ignores the result of the election. This appears to be complete foolishness, at the least, and in direct opposition to the democratic process. Are we acquiring a new form of government — government by the Supreme Court rather than by the people?

With dreadful sadness this day is trampled into the pages of history. Man tries so desperately to conquer and control all prob­lems that he confronts. Yet, life carries on in spite of this tragic moment in history. The sun with all its power, splendor, and beauty tries to break through and flood the earth, but it is pushed away by man’s mounting sin and selfishness. The clouds race across the sky in madness and a strong gusty wind increases the rushing chaos of man’s life.