Formed from a rib of Adam,
God created Eve,
Mother of the human race:
Children to conceive.
Children of the mortal flesh,
Those whom Satan claimed.
Children of the covenant
Who of God were named!

Aged Sarah bore a son,
Isaac, blessed of God;
Through his line the covenant
Would extend abroad.
Jacob’s sons would then comprise
Chosen Israel;
Those elected by the Lord
In His love to dwell.

Mother of a Special Child—
Mary, blessed of God,
Bore our Savior in the flesh,
Angels give Him laud.
Yet her soul was pierced as He
Bore His Father’s wrath;
Dying for His people’s sins
In God’s chosen path.

Christian mothers still today
Teach Jehovah’s fear
By example and by word
In the cov‘nant sphere.
Thus their children grow in grace
By God’s mercy led,
As members of Christ’s body;
Jesus Christ, the Head.