My Bible

Oh how precious is my Bible
It inspires day by day
It’s my lamp in earthly darkness
Shining all along my way.

By its precepts I am guided
In the way that I should go
Strength it gives my weary footsteps
When my gait is languished, slow.

Drooping hearts can smile more sweetly
In the sunshine of God’s Word
From the soul who lives his Bible
Only words of joy are heard.

In this vale of grief and trials
When the eye is dammed with tears,
There is no book like the Bible
To dispel all rising fears.

When we pass through death’s grim valley,
Troubles more than we can bear,
We can find hope, peace and comfort
In those lonely pages there.

Through these nights of life so tedious
My Bible will light my way.
Till I find the brighter beam
Of the great eternal day.