New Beginnings

If you’ve made it this far into the January edition of Beacon Lights, you probably noticed that the magazine you are holding in your hands looks a bit different than what it has for some time. Most obviously, it’s smaller and printed on different paper stock, which reflects a decision by the Beacon Lights staff to start something new with the opening of the 2022 calendar year. Inside the magazine you’ll see a few more graphics, some updates to the regular content, and a different layout than we’ve used for the past several years. The changes are certainly not so great as to make the magazine feel unfamiliar to our current subscribers, but hopefully they provide a fresh look and feel that will stimulate your interest going forward.  

This month we have the privilege of publishing four feature articles authored exclusively by young people from the Protestant Reformed churches. These articles represent several of the winning essays submitted for the annual scholarship competition sponsored by the Federation of Protestant Reformed Young People. The writing prompts provided to authors are included before each article for the benefit of readers. Though only a few of the articles submitted for the competition can be published in one issue of Beacon Lights, we thank God for the many young people who participated in this contest since they represent the future teachers and preachers in our denomination, Lord willing. 

In addition to the feature articles from the scholarship writing competition, this issue of Beacon Lights includes fresh content in our standing rubrics. This month, the Current Events article tackles the concept of “bodily autonomy” that has become such a buzzword in our culture, seeking to explain what this term means and what Scripture has to say about it. Our Devotional continues its series on the book of Luke, now focusing its third installment on Christ’s ministry and miracles. Finally, we are also rolling out the first article in a new rubric on the minor prophets for this year. We are thankful to welcome Prof. Doug Kuiper as the author for this new rubric and look forward to his introduction to some of the less familiar biblical writers who served as mouthpieces of God to the Old Testament church. 

As always, we give thanks to God for the beginning of a new year of publication for Beacon Lights. May his name be praised in this magazine and in the lives of the young people—HIS “beacon lights”—it represents!