News from, for and about our churches

Highlighting the past month’s activities was the celebration of the birthday of our Lord. The children especially, took an active part as in many of the congregations of our denomination they prepared diligently for their presentations by song and speech of this great event. The Sunday School of First Church centered their theme on “The Star” and the children of Loveland’s congregation told of Christ’s birth under the theme: “The Coming of the King”. Their program also included the congregational singing of a German hymn: “Die Hirten”.
Also, in connection with the celebration of Christmas, the Ladies’ School Circle of Oak Lawn and the Young Peoples’ Society of Redlands sponsored a hymn sing on December 20; the Young Peoples’ Society of Loveland went caroling among the families of their congregation on December 23; and the churches in the Grand Rapids area joined in song on the evening of December 27.

Concerning our Servicemen:
Three of the servicemen of First Church, Arthur Bult, David Doezema and Irvan Velthouse, were expected to return home in January.
There are yet two remaining in the service, Don Ezinga and Dale Bartelds; their addresses are as follows:
Donald Ezinga
Turgeson Trailer Park
Lot No. 4, Highway 247 S.
Warner Robins, Georgia

Dale Bartelds, BFTA 5918210
USS Buck DD761
c/o FPO
San Francisco, California

Future Conventioneers:
A son, Gary Lee, born to Mr. and Mrs. Boreas Dykstra (First)
A daughter, Janice Renee, born to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dempsey (First)
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. John Huizinga (Hope)
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miedema (Hudsonville)
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lubbers (Hudsonville)
A son, Steven James, born to Mr. and Mrs. John Flikkema, Jr. (Southeast)
A daughter, Twyla Jean, born to Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Bleyenberg (Hull)

Here and There:
Southeast Church welcomed Mr. Darrel Huisken from Edgerton, Mrs. Darrel Huisken from Allendale Christian Reformed Church and Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Meulenberg from First Church into their midst.

On December 14, the Men’s Society of Southeast was host to Holland Men’s Society. The subject of “Christian Marriage” was discussed after recess.

The Young People of Hull’s Congregation gathered for an evening of fun on December 29 and the Young People’s Society of Oak Lawn sponsored a Progressive Dinner for their membership on December 30.

The Office bearers Conference was held on January 5, at Hudsonville Church. Rev. G. Lubbers addressed the former and present elders and deacons on Article 81 of the Church Order.

On January 10, the Young Peoples’ Societies in the Grand Rapids area visited one another. Hudsonville was host to the Junior Society of First Church, Southeast was host to Hope’s Young People and First Senior met with Southwest Society at their church.

The Men’s Society of First was host to Hudsonville’s Society on January 11.

On January 12, the Senior Mr. and Mrs. Society met with Hope while Southeast was host to the Junior Mr. and Mrs. Society of First Church.

Finally, a quote from Randolph’s bulletin: “The strongest believer of us all is like a glass without a foot, which cannot stand one moment longer than it is held.”