News from, for and about our churches

On May 11 at 9:00 the young people of Hope Church sponsored a talent program. The offering was for convention travel expenses.
On May 18, a singspiration was held in First Church. On June 15, the Federation Board sponsored a singspiration at Southwest.
On May 1, the Young People’s Spring Banquet was held at First Church. Mr. J. Huisken was the speaker.
The Federation Board sponsored a Family Nite on May 23. Supper was served and many activities were planned.


Following the evening church service on April 27, the choir of the South Holland Church presented a short program.
On Thursday evening, May 8, the Young People’s Society of South Holland sponsored a baked goods sale at the meeting of the Ladies’ Auxiliary.
On May 21, the Kindergarten class of Hope School presented a program at Hope Church.
Graduation of the ninth grade of the Hope School was held on Wednesday, June 4 at 8:00 PM in Hope Church. Rev. Engelsma was the speaker. On June 5, the Adams School held graduation exercises at First Church. On June 6, graduation exercises of the South Holland School were held. Rev. R. Decker was the speaker.
On May 24, the young people of Hope Church sponsored a car wash at Covenant Christian. Proceeds were for the convention expenses. On May 23, the young people of South Holland sponsored a soup supper for the Young People’s Convention.
The South Holland Church held their annual Memorial Day Picnic again this year. The picnic began at 10:00 AM with a fellowship hour and continued through the day.
On April 8, Miss Stella Wierenga from First Church celebrated her 81st birthday. Mr. Miedema and Mrs. Korhorn from Hope recently celebrated their 84th birthdays. On May 1, Hudsonville’s oldest member, Mr. C. Woodwyk, celebrated his 96th birthday.


Mr. and Mrs. Peter DeVries from Hope have transferred to First.
On April 6, Mr. William Lafferty made public confession of faith in First Church.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Van Baren have transferred from South Holland to Southwest.
Mrs. Grace Van Baren and Ruth have transferred from South Holland to First.


Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bartelds from First, a son.
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Pastoor from First, a son.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lenting from South Holland, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Holleman from South Holland, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Len Brinks from Hudsonville, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cook from Hope, a daughter.


Miss Janis Miedema from Hope and Mr. Wm. Bates on May 9.
Mr. Burton Van Prooyen and Miss Ardess Heyes from South Holland on April 18.
Mr. John Hoekstra and Miss Marie Kuiper from Hope on May 29.


The address of George Bodbyl from Hudsonville is:
Pvt. George Bodbyl
US 54997156 Co. A 8 Bn.
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121
The address of Larry Koole from Hope is:
Pvt. Larry Koole US 5499443
Co. C 3 Bn. 3 Bde (AIT)
2nd Platoon
Fort Polk, La. 71459
The address of Will Haveman from Hudsonville is:
Will Haveman US 54985935
H. H. B. 1st Bn.
30th Arty. 1st Cav.
A.P.O. San Francisco, California 96490
Addresses for the servicemen from Hope:
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miedema
44 Jackson Street
Ft. Stewart, Georgia

Originally Published in:
Vol. 29 No. 4 June July 1969