News From, For, and About Our Churches

This is an Up-To-The-Minute report from Oaklawn regarding Convention Patrons.
Churches No. of Patrons
Hope 2
Holland 1
Creston 2
Grand Haven 1
First, G.R. 15
Southeast 2
Southwest 3
Hudsonville 0
Kalamazoo 0
Oaklawn 7
South Holland 7
Randolph 1
Hull 0
Doon 0
Lynden 0
Redlands 0
Loveland 0
Pella 1
Edgerton 1
That makes 43 patrons and totals $135.00. Last year’s convention booklet listed 95 patrons! So we have a long way to go! Send your name and your church and your contribution to: Convention Fund, 9402 S. 53rd Court, Oaklawn, Illinois.

South Holland Y. P. had a combined meeting with Oaklawn during the past month. With Rev. Hoeksema as chairman, they studied Acts 20. After recess they enjoyed vocal duets, an essay, and a Bible quiz.
They also had a singspiration in South Holland, February 8, with special vocal and instrumental numbers. A collection was taken for the Oaklawn convention fund amounting to $29.07.
Randolph Y.P. are studying the Book of Acts, chapter 14. Combined meetings for them are an impossibility. Their after-recess programs consist of the study of Our Protestant Reformed Churches in America. Bernard Huizenga is president of the society since Rev. Emanuel’s recent resignation.
Loveland’s Y. P. formed a society recently. They chose Wm. Huber to be president; Ileen Griess, Vice-President; Ruth Kuiper, Secretary; and Joe Griess, Treasurer. Rev. Kuiper will lead the Bible discussion from the Book of Acts.
Creston Y. P. met with First Senior Society this past month. After recess a paper was given on the subject: “Was Jephthah’s Vow Rash?”
They also enjoyed a toboggan party at Echo Valley with the Kalamazoo Society.
Edgerton – Mr. J. Van Nieuwenhuizen, one of the oldest members of the church, and the oldest elder in the consistory, became ill about three months ago, and since that time has submitted to major surgery twice. He is now feeling fine and is able to attend church Sunday mornings.
Hope – Sunday, January 25, John Kalsbeek, Gerald Kuiper, Harry Langerak, Wayne Lanning, and Merle Veenstra made confession of their faith in Christ as their Savior. Wayne is a freshman at Calvin College this year. The others all attend Unity High.
Southeast – Rev. and Mrs. R. Veldman were on hand Wednesday evening, Feb. 4, to welcome all those of their congregation who wished to see the new parsonage.
Lynden – The Reformed Witness Hour, is heard in Lynden at 1:00 p.m. Sunday afternoons over KPUG. The church at Lynden has been notified that KPUG is considering the possible removal of all religious programs from their weekly roster. Reason? The public shows little or no interest in religious broadcasts. Rev. Harbach foresees that the next step will be removal of the Sunday programs. Interested Christians in that area were urged to inform the radio station by letter that they do desire religious radio broadcasting.
Hope School – P.T.A. met this past month and a very interesting meeting it was. Pictures taken by Miss A. Borduin during her recent travels in the Far East were shown by her.
Also, the achievement tests taken recently by pupils in grades three through nine were discussed by the teachers for the benefit of the parents. Each parent was given a chart showing where his child stands in the various basic skills in relation to the rest of the class and also in relation to the national standard.
Adams School – Mothers’ Club met Thursday, February 5. S. Beiboer showed pictures on Colorado. The Mothers’ Club is also planning a Smorgasbord February 26 for the benefit of the school.
Redlands – Our hearts go out to you as you continue to call a minister. We know how isolated you are and how great your need. We pray that the Lord will send you a good shepherd to lead your flock.
Rev. G Van Baren from Doon has filled the Redland’s pulpit for three Sundays and Rev. Kuiper has also recently left his new charge in Loveland to fill a classical appointment here.
Hull- Rev. J. Heys recently preached an afternoon sermon on the topic: “Sleepers, Wake Up!” I wonder if he brought out any connection between sleeping, with your eyes closed, and sleeping as referred to in Ephesians. (This has nothing to do with Hull, but why do so many people sleep in church! Unless it is a spiritual sleep, it is easily remedied. No-Doz are available at any drug store.)
Rev. Heys has been drilling his catechumens. They have been having reviews and written tests.
Sorry about the small, pocket-size Psalters you had on order! Hope School bought up the entire supply. If you need only a few, however, we’ll be glad to help you out.
Kalamazaoo – In the evening service, January 25, Harold and Frank Triezenberg made public profession of their faith. Rev. Mulder chose a fitting test: “Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel and afterward receive me to glory.” Ps. 73
I wish to compliment the editor on calling the readers’ attention in last month’s issue of B.L. to corruptions that creep in by means of songs. Sensitivity to the error in songs is extremely important just because, as he pointed out, it comes in so unnoticed.
It might make our editor feel better to know that at Hope School we have sung “Joy to the World” REVISED for many years, and come next Christmas we will be glad to pass our Reformed version of this old carol on to anyone interested, uncopywrited.

South Holland has two servicemen, Bernard Zandstra stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and John Haak with an overseas address.
Dale Mensch, Hope Church, is back in the States, stationed at Great Lakes. He was sent back, however, because of illness. After being in the hospital in Germany for four weeks he was transferred to the army hospital in Chicago.
Randolph also has two servicemen, P.F.C. Donald De Vries and P.F.C. James De Vries. Both are stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington. They will be discharged in the latter part of March.
Pvt. Ben P Hendriks, S.E. Church, is stationed in California. He is in the Army for a six month period.
Homer Teitsma, also from S.E. Church, enlisted for four years in the Navy. He has served approximately one year.
John Brands, Edgerton, was discharged from the Army in January after serving two years.
Jim Lanning is back in Grand Rapids with his wife and baby after nearly four years in the Marines. He is now attending Calvin College.
Most Church bulleting reveal that someone in the congregation is expected to write the servicemen each week. This is a fine practice. It is up to us to keep the boys in touch with church life at home. Your letter may serve as: “a word spoken in due season, how good is it.” Prov. 15:23. Summing it up – Hope has 4 servicemen, Hudsonville – 2, First G.R. – 2, Doon – 2, Oaklawn -1, South Holland -2, Randolph -2, South East -2. How about sending a snapshot of your servicemen with your next batch of bulletins? Don’t forget now, because I’m banking on it. Write his name on the back of the picture.

to Mrs. H. Doctor, Southeast Church, who celebrated her 88th birthday.
to Mrs. L. VandenBerge, First Church, who celebrated her 80th birthday.
to Jeanne Verhey and Jake Jabaay of Rock Rapids, Iowa who were married in January. They attend our Church in Edgerton.

on Miss Betty Vanden Engel who has been confined to her home for a few weeks with a broken ankle. She is a member of Creston Church.
on Miss Gertrude Van Putten, Miss Jo Van Harn, and Mr. Neil Jonker who have been confined to Pine Rest Hospital for many years. They are all members of First Church.
on Ruth Moelker who returned home from the hospital without surgery and apparently in better health. It is hoped that the cause of her ill health has been found. She is a member of Southeast Church.
on Rev. G. M. Ophoff who is gaining in strength and is looking forward to spring when he will be better able to walk out-of-doors and enjoy the sunshine.

Recent Contributions Gratefully Acknowledged
Mr. Hollis D. Heemstra $2.00
Redlands Prot. Ref. Church 24.86
Randolph Prot Ref. Church 9.90
Hudsonville Prot Ref. Church 49.80
Hull Prot. Ref. Church 16.75
Doon Prot. Ref. Church 11.50
Doon Prot. Ref. Church Singspiration 13.60

Beacon Lights’ financial reports continue to read like the batting average of a third string substitute on a Little League Baseball team. (Last reported figure $145 to take care of an approximate $180 printing bill.) But this fails to bother us, because it seems that just when we are about to be engulfed into the maelstrom of insolvency, a donation arrives by mail to put us back in the black for a few more days.
The hard fact of the publishing business is, that subscription fees cover only a small part of the expenses incurred in the printing and distribution of a publication. For example: since August some 66% of our bills have been paid for with funds received from society collections, Sinspiration collections, and gifts from congregations and individuals. Subscription fees accounted for the remainder.
Were it not for the generosity of these organizations and individuals, most of whom also contribute to our support as subscribers, we would soon cease to publish Beacon Lights.
This hand to mouth existence has not been without its compensation, however, for it has made this publication a work of faith. In the past, the staff of Beacon Lights has often met together, during one of these ‘lean’ periods, to plan, in a business-like way, the financial future of the paper. Immediately, we would be hit squarely in the face, as it were, by the sheer frustration of planning and conniving to raise funds would suddenly become just so much foolishness. We have been shown time and again that God works in many diverse ways to accomplish His purpose. It has actually been a blessing to your editor and to the staff of Beacon Lights that we are not “blessed” with copious funds for I firmly believe that our faith has been strengthened through this most material aspect of this Kingdom work.
We pass this little side-light on to you in an effort to share the experience and also to assure you that your gifts and collections ARE very much appreciated and ARE very vital to the continuance of this publication.
Picture, if you will, our finance manager, faced with a printing invoice that totals more than the entire assets of the publication, as she eagerly opens each envelope addressed to Beacon Lights that has arrived at her home during the day. Each donation brings the “balance on hand” closer to that much-sought goal – the break-even point! In good Dutch tradition, each envelope is closely examined more than once to be sure it is absolutely empty.
Do we look forward to receiving donations? Do we appreciate them once we receive them? Wouldn’t you?

Originally Published in:
Vol. 19 No. 2 March 1959