News From, For, and About Our Churches

Our regular news writer, Miss Alice Reitsma, is unable to perform her duties this month, as she is in Butterworth Hospital under observation.
Lynden – Rev. Robert C. Harbach is considering a call received from our Redlands congregation
Holland – The Young People’s Society has recently had a couple of interesting topics: Ron Elzinga talked on “Stock-Car Racing” and Tommy Elzinga gave an essay on “Communism and Democracy.”
Both Southeast and Loveland Young People’s Societies canvassed their congregations for donations to the convention fund. Loveland’s young people also conducted a subscription drive for Beacon Lights.
Loveland – A Christian School Society was organized and a committee appointed to draw up a constitution and gather data pertinent to the organization of such a school We are all certainly happy with them in this venture and pray that the Lord will grant grace and courage to these brethren as they strive to have their children instructed in His fear.
Each spring and fall in the Grand Rapids area we find the similar societies in each congregation banding together for Mass Meetings. “How pleasant and how good it is, when brethren in the Lord in one another’s joy delight, and dwell in sweet accord.” This spring we find the following gatherings:
On April 10th at Creston Church our young people joined in a Mass Meeting commemorating the 450th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin. Rev. George Lubbers spoke on the theme: “Our legacy from Calvin – have we done justice to it?”
The league meeting for our Mr. and Mrs. Societies is scheduled for April 30th at First Church. Rev. George Lanting has been asked to speak on the topic, “Is it possible to be too busy in church work?”
The Eastern men’s League was held March 30th at our Hudsonville church. Student J. Kortering spoke on “preaching to the Spirits in Prison.”
Rev. G. Vanden Berg addressed the Ladies’ League on April 16th at First Church. His topic was “How to Teach Our Children to Pray.”
Again for most of us another society season has passed. After a refreshing summer or rest and relaxation, may we be ready to begin our fall season with renewed zeal.
Congratulations! Mr. and Mrs. Don Hoekstra of Hull are the parents of a new baby boy.
A Get-Together-Nite, featuring a band concert, basketball game, and a tumbling exhibition was held April 17th at Sylvan School Gym. The event was co-sponsored by organizations from both Hope and Adams St. Schools.
Oak Lawn’s bulletin says “Remember and tell abroad the program that the Male Chorus of First Church is to render in Illiana on the first day of May at 8:00 p.m.
Congratulations! Mr. and Mrs. H. Helmholdt celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on March 22nd. They are members of our Southeast congregation.
The Hope Choral Society gave our Beacon Lights budget a boost with the collection taken at their Easter program which was given in Hope Church on April 5th.
The third Sunday in each month is Singspiration Day in the Grand Rapids area. However, from other bulletins we glean the fact that there are also Singspirations held in their churches. Hull used this method to raise money for their society expenses in connection with the coming convention and their society’s Federation dues.
At a recent congregational meeting the congregation at Creston unanimously voted to sponsor and support a radio program in the South. Although a lot of work has yet to be done before the broadcasting can begin, the first step has been taken.
Watch Beacon Lights for more details on our churches latest radio endeavor.

Mr. Walter Wybenga $2.00
Hope Prot. Ref. Ladies’ Aid 33.33
Mr. John Faber 2.00
Sinspiration – SouthWest 34.99
Hull Prot. Ref. Church 15.55
Mr. Ted Miedema 2.00
Mr. Henry J. Holstege 1.00
Mr. Henry A. Schut 2.00
Mr. Henry Bys, Jr. 2.00
Mrs. J. Nyenhuis 3.00
Rev. & Mrs. George Lubbers 10.00
Hope Prot. Ref. Church 33.54
Prot. Ref. Men’s League 10.00

Originally Published in:
Vol. 19 No. 4 May 1959