News From, For, and About Our Churches

On November 27th, Hull church held a congregational meeting, and from a trio consisting of Rev. C. Hanko, Rev. G. Lanting, and Rev. G. Vanden Berg they extended a call to Rev. Vanden Berg to become their pastor.

Rev. M. Schipper, Rev. H. Hanko, and Rev. R. Veldman comprise the trio which Randolph’s consistory recently made.

Our Oak Lawn congregation has decided to install a new gas furnace in their church. Also from Oak Lawn – their Ladies’ Society hopes to sponsor a social, program, and sale on December 11th.

According to one member of the recently appointed Constitution Committee for our High School, considerable progress has already been made in the formulation of the constitution; also a gift of $115.00 has already been presented by the Hope Male Octet. This represents the collection taken for this purpose at their November 22nd program.

Kalamazoo Men’s Society has changed its time of meeting to Thursday evenings in order to enable more of their men to attend. Rev. Mulder was scheduled to speak on an interesting topic at one recent meeting. The subject – “Scripture’s Errors”.

The Young People’s Society of Kalamazoo is studying the book of Romans at present. Their after-recess discussions are centered around “The signs of the End of the Ages” from Matthew 24.

Hope church’s bulletin announces a future conventioneer – a baby girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Van Den Top. Congratulations!

At the annual congregational meeting, Hope Church voted to take a monthly collection “to set up a fund for the printing and mailing of pamphlets which will contain the development of our truth as we confess it, and which will be sent to all parts of the country as a witness to that truth.” More details were promised and we’ll try to keep you informed on the progress of this worthy project.

Holland congregation is eagerly awaiting the arrival of their pastor-elect, the Rev. G. Lanting; however, according to our latest report they have not yet been able to locate a suitable home for him and his family.

The ushers of Southeast church are launching a “friendliness campaign” to help strangers feel more welcome when visiting the services. The ushers make it a point to greet as many parishoners and visitors as possible by name, present them with the bulletin, and usher them into the auditorium. The Young People’s Society decided to furnish each usher with a lapel ribbon badge on which will be printed the individual’s name and the word “Usher”.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Miedema of Hope Church celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary recently. Hearty congratulations to you both, and may God’s blessing ever rest upon you.

On December 3rd, Adams St. School children presented an inspiring Christmas program for their Mothers’ Club. The fathers were also invited.

Hope School presents its annual Christmas program on Thursday evening, December 17th. This year the theme will be “God’s way Out”, and the material will be based on the Heidelberg Catechism.

Mr. E. Pluger (First Church) suffered a heart attack on Thanksgiving Day. According to latest reports he is getting along well in Butterworth Hospital.

Originally Published in:

Vol. 19 No. 9 January 1960