Open Letter to Beacon Lights

Dear Protestant Reformed Young People and Families,

What words can express the feelings we had when we attended your convention! I pray for guidance and wisdom needed to communicate to you all the wonderful blessings we received.

Being practically the only young people (in age of course) in our mission at Houston, we were awed that first day by the number of young people who checked in at Calvin College. Things quickly got under way and we were to anticipate the days ahead, full of fun activities and more important, spiritual nourishment. You cannot realize how wonderful it really was to just talk and visit with spiritually like-minded people!

The discussion groups for us on all three occasions were tremendously helpful. They further strengthened in my mind the covenant faithfulness that God has shown to the Protestant Reformed Churches in its young people. How blessed we all were to have discussion over such profitable and worthy topics too! I mean to say that these topics and the truthful outlook that the ministers, professors, and discussion leaders presented on them are not to be found elsewhere. I know this to be true because our families in Houston have been “elsewhere” until your churches have sent us the true Word of God. What a wonderful and amazing treasure to which God has led our group!

The mass meetings were frankly overwhelming. Praise be to our Father in heaven who gave His people the power of song. The rolling wave of voices singing the praises of His Name was almost too much for the mind to hold.

The field day I am sure was impressing to all of Protestant Reformed people as well as to us. The hundreds of people who were able to come I know benefited greatly from it, realizing in one day all the bountiful things God had bestowed on us through His grace. This anniversary day was truly one to be remembered and cherished by all and its history passed on to the generations to come.

The speeches presented by the professors and ministers were so outstanding and expressed so well the amazing covenant of God realized in your churches.

My personal heart-felt thanks go to all of you who entertained us in your homes and who were so kind in “keeping track” of us. I only wish we had been able to stay longer in your midst and visited with more of you all.

The spiritual up-lifting we received I hope to communicate to the rest of our group in Houston. We look forward to our organizing soon D.V. and praise be to God who has made all of this possible.

What a wondrous, mysterious and blessed thing God’s covenant faithfulness is!

Love in Christ, Cari Sugg