Our Radio Broadcasts

The growth of the use of radio broadcasting as a medium to wit­ness to the truths of the Reformed faith is emphasized by the recent observation of the three hundredth broadcast of the Reformed Wit­ness Hour in Grand Rapids, Mich­igan. Much has been accomplish­ed since the first broadcast was aired, and we are grateful that God has blessed this work and this medium so that today there is not only a Protestant Reformed wit­ness in Grand Rapids but in several other localities as well.

Not only are we grateful that this witness goes out in many areas but we are pleased that the execu­tion of many duties and tasks con­nected with this program are car­ried out by young people of Pro­testant Reformed churches. Our young people have a record of achievement in this respect that speaks very well of them. It speaks well of them that they are moved to give their time and energy to the propagation of the truth. Not all of us are qualified to be speakers or ministers of the Word but in this radio work we are given an oppor­tunity to use other talents such as musicianship, secretarial ability, organizational work and leader­ship.

We feel that at this time it is especially proper to renew our at­tention to this work by using our time to participate or listen to these radio broadcasts on Sunday. Al­though these broadcasts are direct­ed in many instances to those out­side of our circles, there is still much benefit to be derived by our listening to the messages. As young people we ought to be concerned with the truth, concerned about the witness of the church. We ought to give close attention to the material presented in these broad­casts.

Currently, Rev. Hoeksema has started a series of talks on the sub­ject of predestination. Where do you stand on this vital doctrine? Do you know what the proper atti­tude is towards this truth? Do you know the stand of those that op­pose this doctrine? Are you cap­able of defending this doctrine which is becoming so unpopular today? Do you realize that the doc­trine of predestination is the cor­nerstone of the Reformed, Chris­tian faith? You can answer these questions by listening to this new series of broadcasts beginning this fall.

New program material is being prepared for other broadcasts later in the season. Not only are var­ious speakers engaged but there is a variety of musical talent avail­able. We repeat again, do not miss cut on these fine broadcasts and be sure to tell your friends about them.