Past Conventions

Year     Host Society                      Theme

1939     South Holland                     Attitudes

1940     Fuller Avenue                      Thoroughly Equipped

1941     Oaklawn

1942     None

1943     None

1944     Fuller Avenue                      Christian Liberty

1945     South Holland                     Steadfastness

1946     Hudsonville                         The Strength and Beauty of Youth

1947     Fuller Avenue                      Fellowship in Christ

1948     Holland                               Faith of Our Fathers

1949     Pella & Oskaloosa               Redeeming the Time

1950     Second                               The Power of Godliness

1951     Kalamazoo                          The Last Hour

1952     Hull                                    Trilogy—Faith, Hope, & Love

1953     First                                    The Armour of God

1954     South Holland                     The Antithesis

1955     Hudsonville                         The Gospel of the Promise

1956     Doon & Hull                       Exalt the Lord

1957     Fourth                                Our Calling to Obedience

1958     Hope & Creston                  Hold That Fast Which Thou Hast

1959     Oak lawn                            Christ, Our Life

1960     First                                    Faithful Today

1961     Loveland                             The Beauties of Holiness

1962     Hudsonville                         Friendship

1963     Edgerton                             More Than Conquerors

1964     Hope                                  Be Ye Holy

1965     South Holland                     Preserving Our Heritage

1966     Southeast                            Faith

1967     Hull & Doon                       Soli Deo Gloria

1968     First                                    How Great Thou Art

1969     Redlands                             The Greatest of These

1970     Hudsonville                         Strangers in a Strange Land

1971     South Holland                     Disciples of Christ

1972     Loveland                             Come Lord Jesus

1973     Hope                                  Soldiers of Christ

1974     Doon, Edgerton, Hull           Serve the Lord With Gladness

1975     Grand Rapids                      God’s Covenant Faithfulness (50th Anniversary)

1976     Southwest                           Called as Shining Lights

1977     Hudsonville                         Seeking the Lord

1978     South Holland                     Remember Thy Creator in the Days of Thy Youth

1979     Redlands                             Redeeming the Time

1980     Hope                                  Appreciating our Reformed Faith

1981     Southeast                            Signs of the Times

1982     Doon, Edgerton, Hull           Our Changeless Calling in a Changing World

1983     Lynden                               The Youthful Sojourner Saved

1984     First                                    Walking in Newness of Life

1985     Hudsonville                         All Whom I Have Chosen

1986     South Holland                     Being Reformed in 1986

1987     Loveland                             Lessons from the Life of David

1988     Southwest                           Jehovah’s Covenant With His People

1989     Grand Rapids                      Contentment

1990     Redlands                             Love, The Bond of Perfectness

1991     Byron Center                      Reformed Young People Living in the Last Times

1992     Faith                                   What is a Christian

1993     Doon, Edgerton, Hull           Spiritual Youth in a Carnal World

1994     Lynden                               Victorious Through Faith

1995     Grandville                           Courageous Christian Youth

1996     South Holland                     Godly Friendships

1997     Hudsonville                         Knowing My God

1998     Southeast                            Living the Antithesis

1999     Redlands                             Ready to Give an Answer

2000     First?                                  Living out of Our Heritage as Young People

2001     First of Holland                   Christ—Our Guiding Light on the Sea of Life

2002     Georgetown                        Youth, Examples of Godliness

2003     Loveland                             Surrounded by God

2004     Michigan                             Drawing Near to God

2005     Faith                                   Royal Citizens of the Kingdom of God

2006     Doon, Edgerton, Hull           Running the Race

2007     Grandville                           Living Sacrifices of Thankfulness

2008     Byron Center                      Safe From the Snare

2009     Trinity                                A Church Gathered From All Nations