Praise His Majesty: Psalm Arrangements for Beginning Pianists

This past year, the Reformed Free Publishing Association published a gem that I am confident will sparkle for years to come. It was not another fine theological work that this worthy publisher made available to us, but rather a music book prepared by Marilyn DeVries. I could compare it to the little seed stone implanted in a child; that, over time, grows into a beautiful pearl.

The value of this work probably stands out especially to me at this time because my oldest daughter recently began piano lessons and it thrills my heart to hear her play the tunes that her young soul has already grown to love. I also have enjoyed using the book to enjoy the Psalms with my limited experience at the piano. It is my prayer that many children will be able to develop their musical talents with The Psalter, and that a renewed love for The Psalter will grow in the next generation.

This publication renews in me a desire to see more material written or produced from a Protestant Reformed perspective for use in instructing children. One such area would be reading material for the schools. At this time, our school staff is looking for better material for our reading curriculum. What a blessing it would be to have beginning readers for our children that would give God the glory due unto His name! There must be passages of Scripture that could be selected to correspond with the development of reading skills.

Our churches have matured and enjoyed a rest that gives us the resources to prepare and develop such material, even as Solomon built the temple of God. Praise His Majesty is one example of this kind of work, and it has been done very well. I thank the Lord that He has been pleased to make this book available to us, and I hope and pray that there are more to come.