Psalter Number 234 – Psalm 68

This is a Psalm of David. In the Psalm David re-quests deliverance from his enemies and that they be put to shame. As we “Run and Race” may we also seek deliverance from our enemies and from the sin that cleaves unto us. We can do that only by the power of the Spirit. We sing about that in Psalter #234 verse 4: “In mercy turn and look on me, Thy servant true, Thy chosen one; Let me Thy great salvation see, And strengthen me my course to run.”

The theme for the convention this year is “Running the Race.” We find this in Hebrews 12:1, 2 where the race we are to run is described. As we are running this race, we are surrounded by a great throng of witnesses who are watching our every move. In this race we are to stay on course and to stay away from the burdens and delays that we come to in this life, such as the pleasures of this life, the lusts of the flesh, and worldly cares and riches. In this race Christ guides us, strengthens us and keeps us on the path we are to run. By his leadership He leads us to the end.

We as young people so easily stray off the path. We are told to run, but so often we get caught up in all kinds of worldly activities. We constantly are to remind ourselves to run with patience and to seek the kingdom of God as our ending prize and not this wicked world.

As Christ endured a dreadful death on the cross, so we are to fight the world and its worldliness no matter the cost. We ask the Lord’s blessing to continue to help us in our race here on this earth. It is our prayer that this year’s convention focused on this theme will encourage our young people to “Run the Race.”