Redlands Young People’s News

Our Young People’s Society has enjoyed two major events in this past half year. They were the Christmas singspiration and an outing.

We sponsored a Christmas singspiration on the evening of Dec. 22, following the church service. The group sang several carols and psalters. As a special number, lona Mantel sang a solo, “The New-born King” accompanied by her sister Mary Ann. The Ladies’ Aid trio also gave a number called “Silent Night.” The men’s quartet favored us with the number, “Fairest Lord Jesus.” The group singing was led by Mr. E. Gritters. Everyone enjoyed the evening very much.

The Young People also had an outing on the evening of December 19. We went up in the mountains to a place called Blue Jay, where there is an ice skating rink. We fell quite often since it was the first time on skates for many of us. But we all enjoyed the evening, playing various games. After we were rather tired, we went down the mountain and had refreshments. Our president, Mr. K. Feenstra, and his wife accompanied us.

Our Society meets every Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock. We are studying the book of Hebrews, chapter 3 at present. Not having our own church building we meet at the homes of the various members.

Originally published in:

Vol. 18 No. 2 March 1958