Safety in the Storm

An ominous sky loomed over Richard’s head as he skipped down the driveway to retrieve the mail. He was going to be seven years old tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, an early birthday card had come. Thunder cracked and rumbled in the distance. A storm was on its way.

Richard wandered back, flipping through the mail to see if any letters were addressed to him. Thunder sounded again as he walked in the door. The house shook and rattled as a gusty wind picked up. Pitter-patter, pitter-patter. Rain hit the windows like marbles. Richard looked outside and discovered the sky had become a ghostly green color. “Mom,” he called, “can you come here? The sky looks funny.”

“Oh, wow. That sky looks menacing. It could be tornado weather. We’ll keep a close eye on it,” Mom answered.

“What happens if a tornado does come?” asked Richard excitedly.

“Either it stays in the sky and goes away or it touches down and destroys things. We trust in God with anything that happens because he, in his providence, has a plan for everything, and he takes care of all of us according to his will. We never have to fear, even if it’s scary.”

The wind blew harder; the raindrops pelted faster; bright lightning streaked the sky. “Let’s get Dad and go in the basement,” said Mom, “That’s the safest place to be in a dangerous storm.”

Just then Dad walked in the door. “There’s sure a storm out there, possibly a tornado too. Let’s head downstairs.”

The three trooped down the steps. A horrible deafening roar filled their ears. The family found shelter under a sturdy stairwell. They could hear ripping, crashing, pounding, and scratching from above them. The thunderous sound brought tears to Richard’s eyes. Father and Mother reminded him of God’s sovereign and powerful control. Then Richard’s father led the family in prayer, “…and keep us safe according to Thy will…”