Seen by Angels

Our Lord was “Seen by angels”,
The Apostle Paul has said.
I’d love to know the part they played – And could they see ahead?
Did they know our Lord of Hosts Before His lowly birth?

Were they aware He’d save our souls? Perceive His matchless worth?
They’re so much more than messengers! The Bible tells us so.
They comfort us, protect and warn… Tell us the way to go.

God gives His angels charge of us
To keep us in our ways.
So clearly angels watched His Son Throughout His earthly days.

Mary learned from Gabriel
That she would have a Son…
And not just any little boy…
She’d bear the Holy One!

An angel came to Joseph
When worry filled his life.
He told him, “Son of David,
Take Mary as your wife.

That which is conceived in her
Is of the Holy Ghost.”
So Joseph married Mary,
The one that he loved most.

An angel came to shepherds
While watching flocks by night.
The glory of the Lord shined forth-
It was an awesome sight!

The angel said, “Don’t be afraid!
I come to bring great joy!
A Savior’s born in Bethlehem!
Come see that precious Boy!”

Then a multitude of angels
Filled up the sky and sang,
“Glory in the Highest!”
Their thundering voices rang!

An angel came to Joseph when
The wise men said goodbye,
He told him “Get up! Pack your bags! To Egypt you must fly.”

“Herod’s on a rampage, He’s seeking Jesus’ life!”
So in the dead of night he left With his small Child and wife.

The months flew by. Then in a dream The blessed angel said,
“Arise, go back to Israel, For wicked Herod’s dead.”

The angels witnessed Jesus’ life From childhood and beyond.
They long to understand these things! (How our salvation’s won).

Out in waste howling wilderness
To Jesus they stepped in –
And cheered old Satan’s failed attempt To tempt Him into sin.

And then in dark Gethsemane Once more the angels came To strengthen Jesus for His task And praise God’s Holy name.

We know that angels had their place On Resurrection Day
Oh! What a glorious duty To roll the stone away!

They spoke to mournful followers Such music to their ears:
“Jesus Christ has risen!”
Their joy mixed with their tears!

And then, when Christ ascended, They came where He had been And reassured apostles that Our Lord will come again!

And when He does return again, With power and with glory He’ll send His angels to us too They’re part of this great story!

With mighty sound of trumpet blazoned All across the earth,
They’ll gather the elect to praise
The One of Matchless Worth!

They’ll sing out “Worthy is the Lamb!” And we will join in too!
His bride will bow and worship Him, For He’ll make all things new.



• Seen by angels (I Timothy 3:16)
• They saw him as Lord of the universe before his birth (Job 38)
• Gabriel told Mary of her chosen role as the Savior’s mother (Luke 1)
• Told Joseph to take Mary as his wife (Matthew 1)
• Gave the glad tidings of Christ’s birth to the shepherds (Luke 2)
• Warned Joseph to flee from Herod to Egypt (Matthew 2)
• Told Joseph to return to Israel (Matthew 2)
• Angels long to look into these things (I Peter 1)
• Ministered to Jesus in the desert after being tempted by Satan (Matthew 4)
• Strengthened Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane (Luke 22)
• Rolled the stone away (Matthew 28)
• Announced Christ’s resurrection (Matthew 28)
• They were present at Christ’s ascension (Acts 1)
• They will be with Christ when He returns (Matthew 24)