Some Questions


As Convention time draws nearer, we as young people must ask ourselves several questions. The answers will determine whether or not the convention will be a success. For we must decide if we will at­tend. And certainly, a main factor in the success of the “convention of P.R.Y.P.” is the amount of “P.R.Y.P.” that are there.

There are three questions. We must decide if it is worth it, if we can possibly make it, and how we can get there. Let’s face it, in a majority of cases, the answer to the first question will determine the answers to the next two. The old adage, “where there is a will, there is a way” is not out of date, it is simply too often ignored. Now, nobody but you can tell yourself that something is worthwhile and make you believe it. There­fore, each of us must face this question and answer it for our self. I would only like to point out that the worth of the convention and the worth of your Protestant Reformed heritage are inseparably connected. If what we believe is worthwhile, then an expres­sion of that belief such as the convention, where we can meet and talk with and have fun with young people of the same belief, is worthwhile. So, it might be well to con­sider the full implications of this question before we answer it.

Well, assuming that most of us have de­cided that it is worth it, we must see if we can possibly make it. Here again, only you can decide. Let’s just make sure we do not confuse this question with the former one. If we have decided that the convention is worthwhile, this question might be an easy one. Think about it.

Finally, we must find a way to Edgerton. Most of the western societies probably have one or two car pools in which a group of the delegates and visitors ride together. This means is both fun and not too expensive. In the Grand Rapids area, the Federation Board has chartered a bus to Edgerton. We urge as many as possible to ride the bus. You will discover (if you have not already) that it is a lot of fun to ride with forty other young people. The entire cost of transportation will be about thirty dollars plus the amount you will need for food (five or six dollars). Reservations must be in by August 1. Ten dollars is needed when you put in your reservation by calling David Ondersma (GL 1-2869) or Ed Langerak (GL 3-2504). The Edgerton society has been working hard on the convention and it appears that this could be one of the best we have ever had. Your answer to the above questions will help determine.