Spring Retreat

This year’s annual Spring Retreat was held April 10 and 11 at Camp Roger on Little Bostwick Lake. No one ever seems to know why the weather on these retreats always seems so cold and gloomy but it always is, and this retreat was no exception.
But the bad weather did nothing to discourage the 95 young people and their chaperons from having a good time. There is a certain amount of satisfaction from knowing that you have spent a night in an unheated, drafty cabin with the temperature in the low 20’s and somehow managed to survive. By Saturday morning the one fireplace in the camp had become the most popular place.
Any retreat’s success depends on how the discussion groups go over with the young people, and Saturday’s two discussions were just great. This was a result of very interesting topics and very good introductions. The first topic, introduced by Marv Kamps, was on “is the Beacon Lights Serving Its Purpose?” and the second, introduced by Rod Miersma, was on “Changing Liturgy in Our Churches.” Everyone seemed willing to talk and some fine ideas and thoughts came out.
Between the discussions the young people were on their own, and could do whatever they wanted. Most entertained themselves by playing volley ball, football, or just staying warm by the fire. For some strange reason most volley ball games usually ended with the score 10 to 4.
By Saturday night the lack of sleep the night before was beginning to tell on everyone. And after the last of our great meals was served, the retreat came to a very nice close with Nort Brower’s talk on young people, the drug problem, and its connection to shoplifting. Then he led the group in a very moving singspiration, which no one seemed willing to end.
This retreat is now history. But a very special thanks should go to both the Federation Board for making such a thing possible, and to the chaperons for giving up a nice warm weekend to be with us.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 30 No 3 May 1970