The cool and balmy breezes blow

And disappeared is winter’s snow,

The merry birds upon the wing,

Are singing sweetly—“It is Spring!”

Forgotten is the winter’s toil

And crocus buds peep thru the soil,

The roses speak, the lilies bloom,

Sending cut their sweet perfume.


God speaks among these beauties rare

And they are ever in His care,

Trusting on Him thru every day,

Blooming brightly in glorious array,

Look to all nature and we learn,

Their faces to the sun they turn,

To God, the Giver of all light,

The darkened pathway He makes bright.


So may we ever lift our heads

From springtime’s greens and flower beds,

To Him from Whom all blessings flow

Upon His children here below.

May we as pilgrims journeying here,

Forever feel that He is near

And look to Him Who sendeth all,

The balmy spring, the beauteous fall.