The scent of springtime fills the air
And fragrance greets us everywhere;
The grass is green, no longer brown,
The snow submerged into the ground.

Where just a few short weeks ago
Naught but bare limbs a tree would show,
New buds of green spring forth—and they
Enlarge—become a green array.

Where flow’rs were planted, soil erupts
To make room for the buttercups,
Hyacinths, violets, daffodils;
The ground with flow’rs our Father fills.

The skies have shed their wint’ry gray
And azure blue is here today,
Softened too with clouds of white;
The sunshine just a bit more bright.

The birds return from southern clime—
God sends them in the proper time.
To build their nests they’ll now begin
And soon their eggs they’ll lay within.

A quickened world we’re giv’n to see—
A parable for you and me:
God takes our souls which once were dead
And gives us his new life instead.

His justice must be satisfied:
He sent his Son—accursed he died.
Our sins were nailed upon the tree; Christ
then arose triumphantly.

We live because he lives within;
He’s purged away our every sin.
May we reflect his love and grace
Until we meet him face to face.