Subscription History




Sorry, but Beacon Lights is not being offered at $.75 for a yearly subscription. You can, however, get a subscription (or give one) for $7.50 in 2016. $7.50 in year 75!

What you see above is the first advertisement for Beacon Lights taken from the January 1941 issue. This vintage ad was the first promotion for the “trial run[1]” called Beacon Lights. 75 years later, God is still using this magazine as a tool to edify his people, young and old.

Below is a graph showing the subscription rate over the years. The bottom line is the actual price. The top line is the price of a subscription using the value of today’s dollar.[2]

Since the magazine’s beginning in 1941, staff members have come and gone, but all have had the goal of keeping the subscription rate as low as possible. This is the goal of the current staff as well. After the printing, typesetting, and mailing bills have been paid and the yearly subscription fees are taken in, it’s a wash, we break even. All other costs—website management, special projects, office supplies—come from church collections and donations. Therefore the staff kindly asks you to remember this good cause going into the new year, especially as the subscription price is cut in half for our 75th anniversary promotion.

[1] See Rev. C. Hanko’s editorial for more on this.

[2] Values determined using the Consumer Price Index calculator at