Thank You

Dear John,

Thank you for your courage in publishing your editorial in the November, 2007 Beacon Lights titled “Smoke-filled Rooms—Let’s Move on.”

We are in total agreement with your expressed views.

In Christian love,

Joe & Mary Schutz
2706 S. Early Dawn Lane
Spokane Valley, Washington

Dear John,

What a delightful experience to read your article in the youth magazine. You addressed a critical problem.

I recall when we were visiting different Protestant Reformed Churches, that I saw the pail for butts at the back door. It almost dissuaded us from attending the P.R. Church.

As recently as this past Sunday, I had a disappointing experience. We have a fine young elder. I had heard several months ago that he had stopped smoking. Then Sunday I saw him in the circle of smokers. I was so disappointed. This circle of men gather after church to have their smokes. It is strange that they are bound together with a cigarette.

I wish that our two elders who smoke would quit. It would strengthen their witness before me.

When our daughter had to change schools for her 10th grader she addressed the principal at Covenant on the subject of smoking. It was a frightening prospect to place her daughter in a school where smoking was not more severely frowned upon.

I hope your article has a wide reading. Thank you for placing the matter so clearly before us all.

Yours truly,

Peter J. Breen