The Belt of Truth (3) A Soldier’s Honor

As Danny, his sister Becky, and their mom looked at the picture of a Roman soldier in a library book, Danny’s mom tapped on the belt. “A Roman soldier’s sword belt had one last important role. It was also the symbol of the soldier’s place as a soldier. Only soldiers wore belts like that. If a Roman soldier had his belt taken by his commander, it meant he was being kicked out of the Roman army in dishonor.”

“Dishonor?” Danny asked.

“It’s like being expelled from school. It’s being kicked out and shamed for failure.” His mom explained. “As Christians, we are a part of God’s army. We are people of truth. To lose truth is the same as leaving God’s army. It is a dishonor. It is a shameful act. Truth is our badge of honor as a part of God’s army. It marks us as one of God’s warriors. You can’t be in God’s army without it.”



Questions to think about:

  1. Read Ephesians 6:13–14, Psalm 145:18, Proverbs 23:23, Isaiah 26:2, and John 4:24 by yourself or with your parents. How important is the truth to a Christian?
  2. What happens when truth is taken away?