The Bible – Our Comfort

When troubles and dangers beset on our way,

When dark clouds gather from day unto day,

Open your Bible, its’ rich truths then read,

A tower of strength to guide and to lead.


All its precious pages satisfies our soul,

Telling that all things are under His control,

It eases all the pain for those in distress,

Finding comfort that He in all things doth bless.


The Bible satisfies in all our yearning,

These things were thus written for our learning,

No need in darkness do we have to grope,

Through patience and comfort of them we have hope.


It tells of joys to come, for each a place,

Where someday we’ll see Him face to face,

There’ll be no more sighing, no more sorrow,

No more dying in that blest tomorrow.


There’ll be light after darkness, gain after loss,

His own are saved by the way of the cross,

Just open your Bible and comforted be,

There is love, life and hope for you and for me.