The Cat of Bubastes

The Cat of Bubastes, A Tale of Ancient Egypt, by G. A. Henty (1889)

The Cat of Bubastes is a story that will give readers of any age delightful insight into the life and customs of the ancient Egyptians. After reading this book with my students at school, and doing some research on Henty, I have come to believe that he brings together a rare combination of superb storytelling, scholarly insight into history, and the Christian faith. This is a perfect combination for any of our readers of Beacon Lights. At least in this book, some basic Christian doctrines and history were gently woven in a seamless fashion through parts of the story. The providence of God was touched on and it did not come across as Arminian. I was introduced to books by G. A. Henty by a dear friend and eagerly look forward to reading his other 100+ books. What follows are some excerpts about these books gleaned from the internet:

Historian George Grant summarized the importance of Henty’s writings:

When I was growing up, the great historical epics of G.A. Henty were already becoming difficult to find, but whenever I ran across one in our local library, I quickly checked it out, rushed home, and read it, usually without putting it down. In the years since, I have haunted dusty antiquarian bookshelves in an effort to collect as many of these gems as possible. Other writers have succeeded admirably in capturing a single culture or area, but Mr. Henty was equally adept at telling the story of the Crimean War as of the Peloponnesian War, of the Franco-Prussian conflict as of the Norman conquest, of the adventures of the Conquistadors as of the trials of the Pharaohs. Apparently, his virtuosity knew no bounds. The action-packed stories of courage, tenacity, and providential faithfulness left me as breathless and enthused reading them as an adult as they did some thirty years ago. (

99 books for $99. The Robinson Books on CD promotion reads as follows:

I understand why my 12-year-old son Matthew has been up so late reading each night for the past few months because I have been up late reading, too—from the same books! Actually, we are reading copies of the books printed from the CD-ROMs that the other children—Noah, Arynne, Bethany, and Joshua have been working to complete. We prefer the computer-printed books from our CD-ROMs because we print them in larger sizes that are easier to read than the originals.

It is easy to appreciate why these books were so popular in British and American schools during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Children learn by example, and the examples set by Henty’s heroes are unsurpassed for their high moral character, diligence, perseverance, courage, and other outstanding personal characteristics.

And—each hero is at the center of fast-moving attention-holding adventures that capture the readers attention and will not let go. I actually fell behind with my professional work last week—reading a Henty book set during the 18th century French Revolution. Then I regaled my colleagues with some of the history I had learned. I doubt that I will finish writing this text this evening. The British, you see, are simultaneously winning a naval war with Holland and enduring the Great Plague—and are about to experience the Great Fire of London. Our hero is involved in fighting the Dutch and the Plague and has already rescued three damsels from a burning mansion. He needs my help to turn the pages, so that he can continue with his exploits. Matthew, I think, is off to the Crusades with Richard the Lion Hearted, but perhaps he is now invading Mexico with Cortez.

From the fall of Jerusalem to the American Civil War, the books of G. A. Henty are superb teaching aids for history, excellent character and vocabulary building tools, and—so much fun to read that children and adults alike have difficulty putting them down. (

Listing of Henty titles and historic date of content:

Cat of Bubastes (1250 BC)
The Young Carthaginian (220 BC)
For the Temple (70 AD)
Beric the Briton (61 AD)
Dragon & the Raven (870 AD)
Wulf the Saxon (1066)
Winning His Spurs (1190)
In Freedom’s Cause (1314)
St. George for England (1340)
A March on London (1381)
Lion of St. Mark (1400s)
Both Sides of the Border (1400)
At Agincourt (1415)
Knight of the White Cross (1480)
By Pike & Dyke (1579)
St. Bartholomew’s Eve (1580)
Under Drake’s Flag (1580)
By England’s Aid (1588)
By Right of Conquest (1595)
Lion of the North (1630)
Won by the Sword (1640)
Orange and Green (1690)
Bonnie Prince Charlie (1745)
With Wolfe in Canada (1759)
True to the Old Flag (1780)
With Clive in India (1786)
In the Reign of Terror (1793)
The Tiger of Mysore (1795)
No Surrender (1795)
With Moore at Coruuna (1808)
Under Wellington’s Command (1810)
To Herat and Cabul (1840)
With Lee in Virginia (1860)
For Name and Fame (1879)
Dash for Khartoum (1885)
Facing Death (1800s)

Preston/Speed Publications is delighted to offer again the works of G. A. Henty. Action-packed exciting adventure awaits adults and a whole new generation. (