The Christian Hope: Blessed Are the Dead Which Die in the Lord

“With Christ—which is far better” Philippians 1:23

Fallen asleep in Jesus!
How precious is that word!
Enjoying now for evermore
The presence of the Lord.
This is not death! ‘tis only sleep;
The Lord doth now thy loved one keep.

The earthen vessel’s broken,
The Treasure now has flown,
The Lord hath taken back again
What is by right His own.
But when He takes what most we store
It is that He may give thee more.

Thou wouldst have gladly kept him
A little longer here,
To soothe, and nurse, and cherish,
And make his wants thy care.
But He, who doeth what is best
Hath called him to Himself to rest.

As members of one body
In sympathy we weep—
And yet rejoice—because we know
In Jesus he doth sleep.
For all his pain and suffering’s o’er’
And joy his portion evermore.

‘Tis not “Goodbye”, beloved,
“Tis only just “Farewell.”
A little while—a “moment”,
We too with Christ shall dwell:
And so we dry the falling tear,
Because we know the Lord is near.

O, may the God of comfort
His richest grace impart!
Himself fill up the aching void,
Bind up thy broken heart;
And give thee now to look above,
And rest in His unchanging love.