The Days of Creation

Day 1

In the beginning the Triune God
Created earth and the heavenly height.
He formed the light, He formed the darkness,
And divided them into day and night.

Day 2

On the earth He divided the waters above
From the waters that were below;
Between them He set forth the firmament
Away from the water’s flow.

Day 3

Then from the waters He called forth dry land,
The earth set apart from the seas;
He said, Let the earth bring forth tree, grass, and herb,
And fruit be produced by these.

Day 4

Let there be lights in the heaven, to divide
The day from the night, and for signs,
For seasons, for days and years, and for light
According to God’s designs.

God made two great lights—the sun and the moon;
The sun was to rule the day;
The lesser, the moon, was to rule the night,
And the stars the sky overlay.

Day 5

Then God brought forth from the waters around
All creatures that live in the sea;
Great whales, food-fish, amoebae as well,
Ancestors for those to be.

He also made fowl, o’er the waters to fly,
Large birds and small He created.
Each sort would multiply after its kind
As God, the Father, had stated.

Day 6

Then on the earth, things to live on the land;
Each creature designed by God;
He formed creeping things, wild beasts, and cattle
And all that would thrive on the sod.

Then to finish the work of creation
Our God said, Let Us make man;
In Our own image he will be made.
And so human life began.

The dust of the earth, by God’s own Breath
A living soul became;
God placed him in Eden, a garden so fair,
And gave unto Adam his name.

And later God said, It is not good
That man should be alone;
He caused a deep sleep on Adam to fall
And He removed a bone.

From the rib He had taken from Adam’s side
God formed a woman, named Eve;
She was the perfect help-meet for him,
As Adam did soon perceive.

At the end of each day, surveying His work
God called it “Excellent.”
He rested, and hallowed the seventh day:
Our God, Omnipotent!


We know that we all are creatures of dust,
Given life by the Holy Spirit;
Yet we fell to the depths in horrible sin;
And His voice, we wished not to hear it.

God’s grace overruled our evil desires,
For He ever loved his own;
His dear Son’s atonement paid for our sins,
We’ll rejoice with our Lord on the throne.