The Escape

The Escape is about three Huguenot children who flee persecution in France and their struggle to survive. Early in the story, John and Manette’s father is taken away because of his Christian beliefs. He is taken prisoner and forced to work on a galley ship. Their mother dies and John must live with his aunt and uncle who are practicing Roman Catholics. Manette is taken away to Paris to be raised as a Roman Catholic and to be a servant.

Sixteen-year-old John escapes from his aunt and uncle and goes to his old home and finds two things, which are extremely helpful on his journey. (You can find out what these are when you read the book.) He wants to find Manette and his father, as well as escape to Holland. On the way John also meets a boy named Camille who is also a fleeing Huguenot. On their difficult journey they meet many troubles. In spite of sickness, pain, hunger, and imprisonment, John trusts the Lord.

The sequel to The Escape is The Secret Mission and also an exciting book. Both incorporate historical facts into the stories.

Both books are written by A. Van Der Jagt. The Escape is published by Inheritance Publications; The Secret Mission is published by Christian Reading Materials. I recommend The Escape for people of all ages. I think the book is well written and I learned a lot about the Huguenots.