The Federation Board of the Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies

The Federation Board, or more commonly known as “The Fed Board,” is an organization that has been set up by the Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies to help govern and coordinate the events of the societies.

The Fed Board has many different purposes, three of which are main. The first is to enable the Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies to work in close unity with one another. Having a governing board that seeks the unity of the societies benefits each society so that they are able to function with each other as “one”. The second purpose is to guide the societies so that they can develop in faith and doctrine; in particular, by way of a Federation paper. The Fed Board has oversight of the Beacon Lights, a paper published by the Beacon Lights staff and overseen by the Fed Board. The final purpose of the Fed Board is to give unified expression to our specific Protestant Reformed character. The members of the Board are selected from the Protestant Reformed Churches to create union of thought amongst the societies and also to give harmonious accord with theBeacon Lights.

The Federation Board is made up of ten members; president, vice president, secretary, vice secretary, librarian, treasurer, vice treasurer, youth coordinator, and a pair of spiritual advisors. Each member is nominated by the previous board and then elected to office at the upcoming Protestant Reformed Convention by the delegates of each Young People’s Society.

The president of the 2008-2009 Federation Board is Joel Bodbyl, a member of Grandville PRC. The vice president is Ryan Barnhill, a member of Hudsonville PRC. The secretary is Emily Dykstra, a member of Hope PRC of Grand Rapids. The vice secretary is Emily Kuiper, a member of Southeast PRC. The librarian is Lauren Kraker, a member of Hudsonville PRC. The treasurer is John Pastoor, a member of First PRC of Grand Rapids. The vice treasurer is Ben Rau, a member of Hope PRC of Grand Rapids. The youth coordinator is Joel Langerak, a member of Faith PRC. The two spiritual advisors are Rev. Daniel Kleyn, pastor of Holland Protestant Reformed Church, and Rev. William Langerak, pastor of Southeast Protestant Reformed Church.

The Fed Board also plans the mass meetings and Easter and Thanksgiving singspirations, along with the pre-convention singspiration. The Fed Board plays an important role in conventions as well. Host churches are nominated and guidance is provided to the host church and, until as of late, funds were collected from the various societies. However, the new funding policy, which was adopted by the Board, has changed (see November 2008 issue). With the guidance of our spiritual advisors and the advice of our youth coordinator, the Fed Board continues to strive for the spiritual well being of our young people.

The Fed Board is a gift from the Lord and he is the focus of what we do. He has entrusted to the Board certain aspects of the young people’s lives and we regard our offices with respect and thankfulness. May the Lord continue to bless the Fed Board and the societies of which they are a part.

In Christ,
Joel Bodbyl, President