The Foot Washing

Peter was offended that
His Lord Whom he adored
Abased Himself to wash their feet.
And he to Christ implored:
Never shalt Thou wash my feet–
That is a servant’s task!
Thou art our Lord and Master.
Omit me, Lord, I ask.

Christ’s answer silenced Peter:
If I don’t wash your feet
You cannot be forgiven;
I’m doing what is meet.
Impulsive Peter then said:
In that case, Jesus. Purge
My hands, my head, my body.
Oh, make me clean, I urge!

Again our Lord corrected
His loving, eager friend;
This is a symbol, Peter,
You’re clean unto the end.
If I your Lord and Master
Have humbled myself so,
Should you not then do likewise.
To let your brethren know

That he who loves, so serveth
His neighbor for God’s sake.
Humility’s a virtue
Of which you must partake.
As Peter was instructed
May we remember too
That we must first serve others
As Jesus taught us to.