The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

Scientists throughout the years have studied outer space immensely and still have many unanswered questions. They study the stars, moon, galaxies, black holes, and whatever else is found in the quiet, dark realm of space. As Christians, we look at the night sky and observe the moon and stars and think of how awesome a God we have. We see that there is no way that a big bang could have created such a scene, but only an Almighty God could have. Outer space is not really thought about very much by a person, but once one does think about it, his mind cannot comprehend the vastness of it. The region of space is truly an amazing part of God’s perfect creation.

Space is such a huge part of God’s creation, but it doesn’t get much recognition. When one talks about creation, how often do we think about the mountains, trees, flowers, and animals? One does not think much about outer space, even though it is so large. Just for a quick example of how big space is, the sun can fit 1,300,000 planet earths inside of it (Cool Cosmos). This is only the size of the sun!

There are also stars in outer space besides the sun called megastars. The closest megastar to Earth is called Pollux, which is 8.8 times larger than our sun. Next in line is Arcturus, which is 25.7 times the size of the sun. Another one of the known megastars is Antares. Antares is 883 times bigger than the sun! And the last star that man has studied is VY Canis Majoris, which is a whopping 1,420 times bigger than the sun. Now, if this does not make us feel small and insignificant, I am not sure what will. Our God has created such a vast universe that our brains cannot fathom the greatness of it (Daily Mail).

God has the power to create an awesome universe, but he also has the ability to destroy it. Not only are there many billions of stars in space, but there are also things like meteors and black holes that can destroy the earth we live on in an instant. Black holes are extremely destructive. The gravitational force of black holes is so great that not even light can escape its grasp. Once an object gets sucked into a black hole, it is gone forever.  Along with black holes are meteors that float around in outer space. Although earth is at a very slight risk of being struck by a meteor, God could still direct one at any moment to hit the earth and destroy it. He has the power to do whatever he pleases with his universe and because of that, we stand in awe and fear of Him.

Yet outer space is not just a place of doom and destruction. Personally, I love to gaze at the night sky and look at the moon and stars. The night sky is one of my favorite things about God’s creation because it is so beautiful. The stars are bright with beauty and shine with God’s glory. Along with the moon and stars are galaxies. The colors they create are magnificent; obvious proof of a creator. To God and God alone be the glory for the universe we live in.

I think that many of us need to broaden our horizons more on what we think creation is. Yes, we all know and understand that the creation is the whole universe that God has created, but how often do we tend to forget about outer space and its significance? Outer space is a mystery to us all because it is so big that we cannot process it, but that does not mean we cannot study it and gain more knowledge about it. Look at the megastars and how giant they are, the thousands of beautiful galaxies, and who knows what other undiscovered things there are in outer space. We are so insignificant compared to outer space, and this really puts into perspective how great a God we have. God deserves all the praise for this creation, not a big bang or evolution. Psalm 19:1, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork.”