The Implications of Public Confession

A Good Book Made Available for a Good Price from Beacon Lights.

As you consider making confession of faith, or even if you have, this handy little book is a very helpful read. It would make an excellent discussion resource for part of your Young People’s meetings. Originally reprinted in 1989 by the Federation of Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies, Beacon Lights continues to make this book available for $4.00. To place an order, please contact the business office at 920-326-6186 or Mail your payment of $4.00 per copy to Beacon Lights, 621 Williams St., Randolph WI, 53956. What follows is a copy of the front cover, the preface, and the text of the back cover.


In the past few years, a couple of people approached the editor of the Beacon Lights with the idea of reprinting Abraham Kuyper’s book Implications of Public Confession. The staff quickly agreed to reprint the book and search was made to determine what copyrights still existed on the book. Through the help of a few friends, it was determined that the copyrights on the book had expired, which meant that the Federation of Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies was free to reprint the book. As far as can be determined, the sixth edition in 1934 was the last printing of the book. The Federation of Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies is therefore happy to provide this excellent work for reading and study by our churches and by our young people.

The main reason for reprinting this excellent work is to provide our young people who will make or who have made public confession of faith with reading and study material on the implications of making public confession in our churches. By reading and studying this book our young people will be made more aware of the responsibilities that become theirs upon confession of their faith. By the encouraging words of Abraham Kuyper, those who make confession of faith will appreciate even more the Reformed faith to which they have confessed agreement.

As Abraham Kuyper says,… Now she (your church, DH) is willing to admit you to the holy supper, to let you take your place at the Lord’s table with the other members, provided that you are willing to confess that their confession is yours….” And also, “Bring that confession to the congregation of believers, and begin to fight one identical warfare with them. They too have nothing of which to boast in themselves. … God is all the praise and honor.”

David Harbach editor, Beacon Lights

Text of the back cover


Abraham Kuyper was born in the Netherlands. He was a Modernist when he assumed his first charge, but was led, through the influence and prayers of a saintly woman in his congregation, to see that he was feeding his people husks.

He saw the truth of salvation through the blood of Christ and responded by preaching the Gospel with unusual power. Abraham Kuyper was an outstanding theologian, famous particularly for his Stone lectures. He led the Dutch political party and was prime minister of the Netherlands.


Here is a stimulating volume for young people of Reformed persuasion answering the disturbing question, “What is expected of me after I make confession of faith?” Interestingly written and easily understood, this book gives adequate answer to that perplexing question. In a challenging way, Dr. Kuyper reveals how full Christian life does not end but begins with confession of Christ as a personal Savior.

Not only should young people find this book valuable but also Christian parents and church officials will find it desirable for answering questions such as these:

Why should confession of faith be made publicly?

Who should make confession of faith?

Should training be given in preparation for this confession?

Of what should the preparation consist?

Is Catechism necessary?

Is it necessary to examine candidates for Confession?

What is the relation between confession and being received into the church?

This excellent and worthwhile volume will prove itself indispensable indeed—and will assure interested young people all the facts and “implications of public confession.” An ideal gift book (see presentation page).