The Jacob Church of Flushing

The fishing town of Vlissingen (Flushing) has a rich history, and the Jacob-Church “survived’’ it. The tower is famous for its beautiful carillon, that can be played by experts on this instrument, and every day the well-known traditional melodies can be heard. It took twenty years to build this Jacob Church (1308-1328). It was enlarged in 1500, and again in 1558; there were many Reformed people in those days. Flushing became in 1489 the property of Maximiliaan I of Bourgondia, a noble and courageous knight, who fought many times against French armies, occupied the whole of The Netherlands, but lost it later. In 1493 he became emperor of Germany. His son fortified Flushing. It became later a protectorate of Prince William I of Orange-Nassau, who welcomed there Calvinists from France and England. In the 17th century trade and industry blossomed. Flushing was destroyed in 1809 by fighting between armies and navy of France and England, who both wanted to use the harbor. The church was burnt down in 1911 but quickly restored in 1915 (State-Reformed). A great attraction for tourists from all over the world. ❖


J.P. de Klerk is an author and journalist from the Protestant Reformed Church New Zealand.