The Journey

Men were talking;
some were laughing
in mockery.
We paid them no heed.
We were trotting,
sometimes leaping,
always moving
to arrive without delay.
Food was plenty on the way:
leaves of every sort and flavor,
dew refreshed to drink each day.
Alone we followed the lead.

Men were talking
and still laughing,
though strange beasts
still journeyed past.
Others stayed
and munched on grass.
Of my family and kind,
only I and my mate would find
the haven shared with goats and pigs,
and lions and bears,
and more
that were there.

Men were talking,
but no shameful laughing
rang inside the holy ark.
A window kept
away the dark,
and Someone
shut the door.
Our world
would be no more.

Then the pounding,
rushing, crushing
waters swirling, mounting waved—
destroyed all else,
and all us saved.