The Lack of Christianity

Our country is classified as a Christian nation but in reality it is no longer Christian. Our present administration reveals very boldly its anti-Christianity, if not its atheism. It speaks of God. It prays to Him. It promises us religious freedom. Yet in spite of all this it shows the atheistic and anti-Christian tendencies. We are promised freedom from want, but one may rest assured that the Government will never fulfill this promise. No Government can promise such things and fulfill its promise. Only God can give us an abundance of food, and He can also make us live in dire want should He so desire. The early killing frosts that we experienced last fall brings this thought forcefully. How can any Government guarantee us freedom from want when God controls all things and sends the weather He sees fit to send? If our Government would only take God’s existence as the Sovereign Ruler of all things into consideration it would not promise us freedom from want.

It is a well-known fact that our country as a whole is forsaking the Christian beliefs of our forefathers. Our nation has forgotten God. Our nation no longer considers the fact that He upholds and governs all things. People go on living as though there is no God. They have hardened their hearts to the fact that they must one day make an account before God of all they have done and said and thought in this life. In fact, many have hardened their hearts to such an extent that they refuse to acknowledge that there is a Supreme Being in this universe. However, according to a recent article in “The Reader’s Digest,” there are no atheists in foxholes.

There are certain signs which clearly show the downward trend of our country religiously. Foremost among these signs is swearing. Swearing has become so common that it is almost classed as good English. Some people must swear in every sentence or else they don’t feel right. Moreover, swearing has become almost universal. Aside from religious groups there are probably no more than one in fifty who does not swear. Swearing is truly a sign of anti-Christianity because it clearly indicates that those who swear do not acknowledge or recognize God as a Supreme Being. One who dares to take God’s Name in vain and curse Him to His Face certainly is not honoring his Creator. Of course, it is well known that honoring God and revering His Name is one of the first principles of Christianity. Therefore, one who swears is definitely showing himself to be anti-Christian.

Even in the midst of judgment the average man continues to ignore God. Who can deny that this world conflict which we are experiencing is a judgment of God? God is punishing the nations for their sins. And yet men continue to curse Him, to seek their own earthly lusts, to see how much fun they can get out of life.

This world has become pleasure mad. This is especially true of our country. Isn’t it true that the majority of Americans nowadays are striving only to see how much fun they can get out of life? Take football, baseball, hockey, golf, movies, dances, etc. out of the average person’s life and what has he left? He has little or nothing left! What would the average woman do without her bridge club, bowling club, and other similar clubs? Many of them would have little left to live for. All this certainly shows that many people have pleasure as their main goal in life.

If a man experienced all the pleasures in this world, if he lives his whole life merely for the fun of living, what does it profit him? Soon his life fades away as a flower in the field and he returns to the dust from which he was made. Ho must leave all his pleasures behind and appear before God without any hope of salvation.

Therefore, we should be reminded that the main goal of our lives should be — how can we serve our Master best. All that we do should be done to His Honor and Glory.

The South Holland Young Peoples’ Society