The Man God Mastered

Book by Jean Cadier – Eerdmans Publishing Co. – 187 pp.

Several good biographies have been written about the life of John Calvin. Near the top of the list must be placed The Man God Mastered by Jean Cadier.

Jean Cadier is a Professor of Theology at Montpellier University and President of the Calvinist Society of France. He is thoroughly acquainted with the life of Calvin; his documented facts give the book a ring of authority and authenticity. His style, maintained through translation from the French by O. R. Johnson, proves to be readily readable.

The book itself provides a brief sketch of Calvin’s life. It deals more extensively with the more important periods of the life of the reformer. As all biographies, it tells the what and the when of the subject. But its greatest asset is that while doing this, it also attempts to explain the why. Cadier makes several brilliant apologies for Calvin’s sometimes questionable actions. It is shown that to judge the man, we must first judge the times.

The reviewer was very satisfied with the book and heartily recommends it as entirely worthwhile reading to all who bear the subject’s name.