The Message

Imagine you’re a shepherd tending sheep in darkest night;
Suddenly the skies around you burst, and blaze with intense light.
You’re aroused from lethargy, brightness penetrates your soul:
Then you view a glorious angel where the heavens did unroll.

You shepherds are sore frightened and begin to shake with fear;
But the words the angel utters really make it very clear
That instead of daunting news he brings tidings of good cheer;
Tidings that will thrill your heart, greatest tidings you could hear!

Lo, in Bethlehem is born the Savior, long awaited:
Jesus Christ, the Son of God, by the Father generated.
You will find this holy Babe lying in a cattle stall
Poorly swaddled, in a manger: He Who is the Lord of all.

Then a multitude of angels sing a heavenly song of praise,
Glorifying God Almighty for His great and wondrous ways.
When the angels go away, what will your reaction be?
Certainly you’d hasten onward, eager the Christ-child to see.

What a blessing that would be—God Incarnate, seen by you!
Yet the scripture says that we have a still more blessed view:
Since the Holy Spirit came to teach the godly mind;
We also have God’s written word where we His promise find.

We praise and thank our covenant God Who sent for us His Son:
With them the Holy Spirit: the blessed Three-in-One.
`Tis not of him that willeth, it’s of God’s grace alone
That He has so redeemed us: our Father on His throne.