The Miracles of Jesus

Jesus many miracles did,

He healed the blind; He raised the dead.

Paralytics walked; deaf men could hear,

Possessed men no more the pain did sear.


He raised Lazarus up after some days,

And the lepers—on them His hand He lays.

He healed a Roman officer’s ear.

He made a deaf and dumb man hear.


He cursed a fig tree when it bore no figs,

He made some demons go into pigs.

Twice He made a catch of fish,

Big, as much as you could wish.


He calmed a storm, He walked on the sea.

He made fresh water wine to be.

He healed many people, too many to count.

He fed the five thousand men on the mount.


Bentness, brokenness in body and soul,

They came to Jesus. He made them whole.

For Jesus came His people to save,

and in result, much love He gave.