The Pilgrim’s Burden

The Christian’s burden is hardest to bear,

Whether white or black, he has to wear,

The most troublesome, difficult burden of all,

Because our head, Adam, did fall.


Do you remember “Pilgrim’s Progress”, that book?

In which Christian, a journey he took?

His burden, so great it did weigh,

That in the Slough (of Despond) he nearly did stay,

And many a time did he turn away,

And from his path he oft did stray.


Many a time, because of our whim,

And the fact we rather chose sin,

We repeatedly leave our Lord, and him,

So kind and just, He still chose to save us,

Even though we, made from the dust,

Always follow our every lust.

We have to repent, and love him we must!

We must love God, but for the world we still care.

To leave him? Rely on ourselves? Do we dare?

We are weak, divided, two men at war,

And Christ still gave us the keys to his door?

Could we ever even ask of him more?


We as Christians must forever learn,

That it is God alone to whom we turn,

Because Christians have burdens, many we wear,

This is why our burdens are hardest to bear.