The Prayer of the Pauper

Lord, listen please to my excuses;
I have so many bills to pay,
That when one comes for Kingdom causes,
I have to turn the man away.

We thank Thee for the school we’ve got,
Where children may be taught Thy fear;
But don’t expect me to support it:
“Twill have to wait another year.

I’ve got to pay for my new car,
My record player and T.V.
I’ve got to have good food to eat,
And lots of luxuries, don’t you see.

I’ve got to have my recreation.
If there’s some left, we’ll see then.
(The game cost me eleven dollars,)
Well, this year perhaps I can give ten.

My son can’t give, he is a student,
He’s got his future to think about.
Besides, these kids need spending money,
For malts, and burgers, and gas, no doubt.

Others, Lord, can do Thy will:
Let the widow give her mite.
(I heard that she gave fifty dollars.)
I can’t afford that much tonight.

Guard us, Lord, and keep from us
Those who would collect our money;
The way they come a’cryin’ to us,
Sometimes I almost think its’ funny.

And bless Thy Kingdom, Lord, forever,
And give us all we want, and then
Give us grace to seek it second;
And bless our school, O Lord. Amen.