The Promise

The clock ticks down, the time is near
When our risen Saviour shall appear.
Beware sweet daughter, watch out young son,
The world cries out, live just for fun.
God’s word tells the story plain and clear:
The Son of God will soon be here.
The devils plan is oh so sly;
Don’t let the action pass you by.

God’s promise made so long ago:
To His children it must go
Seek not the world and all its woe.
Flee from sin; set yourself apart.
Seek the Lord, with all your heart
And from you He will not depart.

When the devil comes with his sly plan
Remember you can’t serve God and man
For one you’ll love and one you’ll hate
There’s no time to negotiate.
Black is black and white is white,
You know what’s wrong and what is right.

Seek first the kingdom that’s above.
Flee from the world and it’s false love.
The day of judgment is so near.
The signs are getting oh so clear.
Watch and be ready, don’t be deceived.
As in a cloud He was received,
He will soon on the clouds appear.
The day of Christ will soon be here.