The Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies

Hudsonville Jr. Young People’s Society

Hudsonville Jr. Young People’s Soci­ety consists of 28 members. Our leader is Mr. Jerry Vander Kolk. At present we are studying from the book of Genesis. We hold our Young People’s Society in Hudsonville Public High School, right after the morning service,11:15-12:15. Our president is Dave Bouwkamp.

December 18th the Jr. and Sr. Young People Societies held a Fruit Basket Party. We made fruit baskets and then divided into groups. We delivered the baskets and caroled at each home we visited. After­wards we returned to school for supper and a few games which lasted the rest of the night.

Our society plans to have a few more parties but none are scheduled yet.


Southwest Sr. Young People’s Society

At present the Southwest Senior Young People’s Society has fourteen members. As the pre-confession class, held at the same time the society met, closes its sessions, those who attended this class will once more meet with us. Our Bible discussion, under the leadership of Mr. Jim Schipper, is from Romans. This is a continuation of our discussions from the past three seasons. At this writing we are involved in the middle of chapter 11. Because of the many doctrinal issues, the discussion has been very interesting and lively.

We have found, because we meet immediately after the morning service, that our time is best spent with only one discussion period. We spend our whole discussion period with either our Bible lesson or a previously announced topic, and then for the last fifteen minutes of our meeting we conduct our business.

We are now busy with the planning of next year’s Young People’s Convention. We have made reservations at a camp on Lake Michigan, a few miles north of Holland. We will be roughing it a little more than we have the past couple of years, sleeping in barrack-types of build­ings (sixteen people in one room) and making middle-of-the-night trips outside to the restrooms. But despite some things which may not be as plush as last year, we believe there will be more things to do than ever before, including group singing around a campfire. Our societies are excited in the planning for this convention and it is our hope and prayer that all our young people will attend.

We are asking that our people from all our churches will remember us also as we work toward the convention. This is an expensive project and we ask that all our people will not only patronize the conven­tion, but also sponsor projects to raise the needed funds.

We thank you for the opportunity to write this small article.


Hope Jr. Young Peoples’ Society

Every Sunday afternoon, around 2 o’clock, about 35 young people get together to study and discuss a portion of the Word of God. This fairly large group is what makes up the Hope Jr. Young Peoples’ Society, of Hope Church, in Grand Rapids. But no group is complete without a leader, and despite his busy schedule, Rev. Van Overloop finds time to serve this purpose, and very well at that.

For Scripture discussion this year, we decided to study a historical book rather than a doctrinal one, as we find this makes discussion easier for us as a Junior Society. Our choice was the book of Genesis. It is a very interesting book, full of ideas for lively discussion. In fact, there is so much room for discussion, that we only have an after recess program every other week. On the weeks that we do have after recess, an article from a recent issue of the Beacon Lights serves as the topic for discussion. One member of the society is asked to study the chosen article, then write up a few questions which might, and usually do, help to stimulate discussion.

As of now, no special projects have been sponsored by our society. But hopefully they will be soon, as all the members of our society look ahead to supporting an exciting, as well as beneficial convention, the Lord willing, this coming fall.


Doon Young Peoples’ Society

Our Doon Young Peoples’ Society is comprised of sixteen members. Rev. Richard Moore usually leads our society, but when he can’t, Mr. Henry Bleyenburg leads us. The Scripture passage we now are studying is the book of Revelation. We are about four chapters from completing the book. After-recess discussion is taken from the Church Order. When we have completed the Church Order, we plan to discuss articles chosen from the Standard Bearer.

At Christmas time, every year, we sponsor a project in which we make fruit baskets for the elderly and widows of our congregation, also for our president and vice president.

Presently, we are planning to have a volleyball tournament between the soci­eties of Hull, Edgerton, and Doon. Throughout the years, the three societies have had a banquet in the spring, each society taking turns sponsoring it.

We have sponsored many singspirations for our congregation on Sunday evenings throughout the years. Also, for our congregation we have sponsored roller skating parties and basketball tourna­ments.


Southeast Young Peoples’ Society

The Southeast Young Peoples’ Society has nineteen members, ninth grade and older. Mr. Herman Ophoff has been our leader for the past five years.

This September, the society began its discussion in the book of Exodus. Through our study, we have found this book practical in applying it to our lives. The book of Exodus has shown how Israel, God’s chosen people, have been led and continually delivered from the ungodly world about them. We see our God as Jehovah, a covenant and eternal Father of His people. This book has clearly shown to us how all things have been planned and determined by God in His counsel.

For our after-recess programs, we have had many varied topics including: Christian Witnessing, Importance of Prayer, Our Body, the Temple of the Holy Ghost, Posture in Prayer, etc. After the paper is read, some prepared questions are asked to begin discussion. The society also discussed Prof. Hoeksema’s lecture on “After 50 Years”, which helped us to better understand our history as churches.

Southeast Young Peoples’ Society sponsors an annual spring potluck supper. The society has also helped in the mailing of the Standard Bearer to other areas.


Randolph Combined Society

We have very few young people so we have a combined meeting with young married couples. We meet every other Sunday night. Rev. Bekkering is our leader, and for Bible discussion everyone suggests a passage they would like to discuss. For after recess we take turns bringing up a question or reading on a subject of interest.

We try to plan an activity each month to which we invite the congregation. During the winter we enjoy roller and ice skating. We sometimes rent a gym for basketball and volleyball, and in the summer, baseball is a favorite. For money making projects we have car washes, and sponsored a Thanksgiving Day singspiration.